3D New Zealand
Help : Using the Map

How to Use the 3D New Zealand Map

The map used at this website is generated from images and data supplied by Google Maps. Maps are updated from time to time as new images and data become available (see updates for more info).

Changing the View Mode

By default the map displays a satellite image, but you can use the buttons in the top right corner to change the view:

  • Satellite: Satellite images (where available)
  • Map: Street Maps
  • Hybrid: Street maps superimposed over satellite images


There are three ways to move the map around:

  1. Click the arrows (below the map buttons) to move in the desired direction.
  2. Click and drag the map image.
  3. Use the map inset in the bottom right corner — click and drag the blue rectangle to move.


There are three ways to zoom in and out:

  1. Use the + and - buttons to zoom one step at a time.
  2. Use the zoom slider (beside the zoom buttons). This allows for faster zooming but takes a little more practice.
  3. Double-click the area of the map you want to zoom in to. Right-double-click to zoom out.


As you zoom in, markers appear on the map. Hold your mouse over a marker to see it's name. Click the marker to see information and options. Some locations allow you to view panoramas from ground level.

Note: The same map appears on every location page at this website, and you can use any map to go to any place. However each map uses the current location as it's "base". For example, if you go to the Rotorua location page you will see the map centred on Rotorua with related information. You can travel anywhere else using the map on this page, but if you reset the map or reload the page it will return to Rotorua.