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3D New Zealand: About Us

3D New Zealand is produced by and © Copyright Wavelength Media. You can contact us here.

This website is a "virtual country" project. Our aim is to create a comprehensive Virtual New Zealand, combining satellite images and street maps with panoramic views and 3-D images. Using the interactive map you can:

  • View the country as satellite images, street maps, or both at once.
  • Zoom in from above, find locations and look around them.
  • See 360° photographic panoramas from ground level. In some places you can also see stereoscopic 3-D images.
  • Search for addresses and see property boundaries.
  • Find locations by region or category (e.g. natural features, tourist attractions, etc).

Satellite images are courtesy of Google Maps. The quality of these images varies from place to place — some images are stunning quality and allow you to see houses and cars, but some images are quite blurry and only show the outlines of towns. All images will continue to improve as new satellite images are acquired.

Website Status

This website was launched in 2006 and is a work in progress. We hope to include many more locations, images and other features throughout 2008.

Update Feb 2008: We're experimenting with video clips. There's also a new blog by Dave at www.dave.co.nz/blog/labels/3DNewZealand.html.

Technical Stuff

Browser Requirements: Javascript, Flash 8+ (upgrade here).

ACB3-D images are presented as either anaglyphs (requiring red-cyan viewers) and/or stereo pairs (requiring you to refocus your eyes). The anaglyphic images have been processed using (ACB) 3-D (www.acb3d.com).

360° panoramas don't require any viewers or plugins other than Flash.

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